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From a variety of backgrounds in industries spanning fine arts, health and fitness, marketing, production, management, videography and photography, each member of Visual Lab works in tandem to craft visually stunning results. We don’t believe in isolated work – we believe in utilising our diverse strengths to maximise business.

With a passionate urge to create brand focused and creatively-divergent content from our counterparts, we’ve found our constant efforts to listen to our clients closely, and the drive to constantly up-skill our expertise allows us to stand out in every photo shoot, every production, every single time.

Our team goes beyond being talented creatively. We implement a tactical approach to every project and strive to exceed our clients' expectations with the utmost professionalism. Our 7-step method in turning small ideas into positive growth for your business has proven to be the most effective and efficient approach for countless of our clients.



Eagerness to concoct something special every time you work with us, regardless of how crazy your idea is or the size of your budget.


Determined to create engaging and ever-evolving content for our clients, every step of the way.


To serve our clients and our society by forming perpetually beneficial relationships with everyone we cross paths with.
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Video Production

We believe that the best final product should be a reflection of story of your own. 
With variety of business models, commitment to quality and extraordinary attention to detail, we provide cinematic, dynamic and engaging videos that will captivate your current clients and entice the new, by telling the unique proposition of your brand, value of your services and products.


We strive to validate your inspiring ideas.
A powerful photography has ability to tell your stories and messages instantly whether it is about products, business or people. 
We are proud of our photography that are artistically and purposefully produced for a wide range of clientele in studios and on location.  


We create impactful and creative strategies that are not only stay true to your brand but deliver desirable results.
We stay genuine and always offer feasible opinions that is creative and piercing through to meet your target market.
Our service ranges are Cross-Channel Digital Strategy, Social Media Ads, Podcasts and Video Marketing. 

Live Streaming

Live stream recording outlasts the event itself.
Whether your viewers are internal or external, livestreaming brings the audience’s attention to the next level. 
Interactive features and the ability to stream live to multi-social channels can make one powerful engagement engine.

Website Design


We create innovative, effective websites that capture your brand, improve your conversion rates, and maximize your revenue to help grow your business and achieve your goals.


Our 7- Step Method

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