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Visual Lab Productions; Storytellers from the heart.
Your love story is unlike anyone else’s because there’s no one like the two of you.
When it comes to weddings, we know it’s not just about a big party - it’s about the love between you and around you, the mixing of two different lives and the promising future about to come. We’re dedicated to telling that story - so you can always look back on that beautiful day with love, over and over again.

Our Mission

Visual Lab’s mission is to help couples across Australia and abroad tell their personal love story. 

With years of experience under our belts, we know how important it is for you to have someone you can trust. As artisan storytellers, we’re masters at being behind the scenes - we care about your comfort and happiness. 

We tailor our services to your needs. If there’s certain images and video cuts you want, if you’re camera shy, or needing images to share with family and friends afterwards on social media, print or digitally immortalised, we can help you with it all. For Visual Lab, we want to spread more beautiful wedding photography that goes beyond generic - for us, it's personal.

Our Vision

Visual Lab’s vision of modern, cinema-quality film and wedding photography means your photos and video will be timeless, allowing you to forever revisit the love and happiness of your big day. Our professionalism means we take care of everything, from spotting your crooked tie, to gathering your large crowd of friends and family for group shots, to delivering incredibly high quality work, so you’ll never have any issues to deal with before, during or after your day. You can just focus on the love.


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